#47 Maple Sugaring Time

Greetings, Listeners, and welcome to episode #47, on maple sugaring. Now I ask you, who does not like maple syrup? Personally, I like maple syrup on just about anything and everything. From pancakes to grilled ribs. So, now that we’re entering that transitional time between the dead of winter and the delights of spring, when … Continue reading #47 Maple Sugaring Time

#42 2018 Autumn Glory Festival with Mother Nature & Garrett County’s Finest

Greetings, and welcome to this Wildfulness podcast episode #42, with inside information on the famous Autumn Glory Festival, held each year in October in Oakland, MD. When you hear the leaves rustle with every gust of wind, you know it’s time. When you smell the tangy smoke of a campfire & see it glowing in … Continue reading #42 2018 Autumn Glory Festival with Mother Nature’s Finest & Oakland’s Very Best

#33 Appalachian Spring: Romping Through the Ramps

Greetings and welcome to Episode #33, Appalachian Spring: Romping Through the Ramps. Spring is finally on its way! Let’s  face it… during the winter, you can definitely get some serious cabin fever. We all love to be outside and doing active, fun things like skiing, snowboarding, skating, sledding, even ice fishing etc., but when the … Continue reading #33 Appalachian Spring: Romping Through the Ramps

#15 Pumpkin Spice, & Everything Nice

So, many times in these Wildfulness episodes, I tackle meaningful and substantive topics. . . at least, I try to. But today's episode is purely along the lines of edutainment, and maybe not even that, maybe just pure silliness. But with the state of the world, and amount of angst and pain we are seeing … Continue reading #15 Pumpkin Spice, & Everything Nice

#12 A-Foraging We Will Go!

Time magazine says that foraging is "the latest obsession of haute cuisine," but the search to connect with both food and nature is as old as the hills themselves. And as you might suppose, the Allegany Highlands of Western Maryland are a wonderful place to forage, particularly now that autumn is here. And, given the way things … Continue reading #12 A-Foraging We Will Go!

#10 Back to Basics: Cast Iron for Your Mountain Cooking (Grill, Saute, Sear, or Bake!)

There's a movement afoot . . . well, there are a lot of movements afoot these days, but what I mean is, in the world of foodies, cooking, and all things tasty, there seems to be a preponderance of cast iron retrograde in the air. From Huffington Post to "The Pioneer Woman" on HGTV, to the … Continue reading #10 Back to Basics: Cast Iron for Your Mountain Cooking (Grill, Saute, Sear, or Bake!)

#9 Yep, There’s WINE (and a Wine FESTIVAL) in Those Hills!

As a lover of good wine myself, I have increasingly looked forward in my dotage to a glass of wine nightly with dinner as a pleasure I'm all too willing to indulge in. Notwithstanding the fact that some recent research has had something of a "killjoy" effect on that experience. (Studies now say that women should … Continue reading #9 Yep, There’s WINE (and a Wine FESTIVAL) in Those Hills!