#14 Autumn Awesomeness Meets Mountain Star-Gazing 

That warm spell we just had was great, wasn't it, but now Fall is here for sure, and it's time to give it it's due as the very best time of the year to get outside  and enjoy a starry, starry night. Why is that, you ask? Well,  it gets dark earlier giving you more … Continue reading #14 Autumn Awesomeness Meets Mountain Star-Gazing 

#13 Hunting & Fishing are for EVERYONE!

Although I spent a fair amount of time in the outdoors as a child and teen, I was never a hunter. No one in my family hunted or fished. And it was really a man's sport and pastime.But all that has changed, and my thinking and feeling about hunting has really evolved over the years. … Continue reading #13 Hunting & Fishing are for EVERYONE!

#12 A-Foraging We Will Go!

Time magazine says that foraging is "the latest obsession of haute cuisine," but the search to connect with both food and nature is as old as the hills themselves. And as you might suppose, the Allegany Highlands of Western Maryland are a wonderful place to forage, particularly now that autumn is here. And, given the way things … Continue reading #12 A-Foraging We Will Go!

#11 Say Goodbye to Summer, Hello to Autumn Glory

It's September 1st. There was a mist this morning, skeins of light gray cotton wool lingering horizontally, weaving themselves back and forth within the folds of the land and sneaking out onto the lake. This evening, the crickets will sound louder than they did in July and August. And the smell of wood burning will … Continue reading #11 Say Goodbye to Summer, Hello to Autumn Glory